By Juanita Coy I am reminiscing. I feel that it is important to us to remember. Remembering brings us remembrances of God's love and the victories he has won for us.   This article was written in 1990.My children were young. Dustin was 1 year old, Amanda 4.Things have changed. Life has changed. They are growing up, teenagers at present. Amanda is getting ready to to go college next year. My how time does fly. Dustin is growing into a young man.   I am so thankful to be a Mom. Especially now, more than ever. Even though at times, I feel it is getting harder! The devil is working harder. But, God is working too!     I am remembering.     I am praising the Lord for His love to our family and for his ever present spirit in our lives. I praise him for a Christian husband to share parenthood with.     At this time the history of our country when parenthood, marriage and  family issues are coming across battles, let us as Christians stand together  with our families and know that God is with us, just as he has always been.   Thank you God for allowing me to be a parent. Than you for letting us make mistakes, and for loving us anyway. Thank you for Amanda and Dustin for letting us practice parental techniques on you, and for allowing us to learn from you and with you! We  love you very much!
Thank you Mom for being my Mom and showing the love of the Lord. What privilege we have to be a family.
  Do you remember this TV series from several years ago? During the process of a  few
minutes a personality sat and watched while former friends,  (good or bad) teachers (say, Kindergarten) and maybe even a boss or two came on the screen, or in person to acknowledge and discuss the  "good old days."
    As I look back at  my life, reminiscing over  this Mother's  Day, I can  only imagine what kind of picture would be painted for an audience  interested in the happenings of my past 30 years. Especially since Motherhood has hit the scene! What was life like without kids? Quiet, definitely quiet! 
    You would think that the patience obtained during our four year wait to be parents would be enough to sustain us through these busy days. Like the Sunday morning hustle. Ten minutes to go, the phone is ringing. Dustin is crying. Amanda is very concerned as to why she must wear "that dress." The bath water is running, and breakfast is burning. Sound exciting? Just a normal crazy morning. It seems there is never enough time. But, would I trade it off for a life of peace and quiet in the Bahamas? No Way!    In order for there to be time for God, as a mother, I must make it. Let the dishes go, take two, and spend time in prayer and extra minutes with the Word. I know I will be a better mother for it.     It has been said that it would be nice if children came with instructions. Like maybe a tag tied to the toe? No matter how long you've been a parent, you're still learning, and God understands this, for he's a parent too. You may slip and make a mistake, but God loves you, and so do your kids. It's unbelievable how understanding a child can be! They have faith in you, no matter how many goofs you make. This world would be a better place if we all would take this philosophy.      Trying to juggle a home, church and it's activities, and in most homes both parents have  a full or part time  job This is a  task only accomplished properly with God's daily strength. We must realize our limitations and let God take over at this point. Letting it go for his workmanship.      While we are trying to form a proper mold for our children, God is molding us in the image he has, our life chart is being designed. Just as we feel it necessary that our child listens and obeys us, so does God in the same respect demand  this of us. When your child disobeys, the love and response you give them will help to lead them, or drive them away. His love is steadfast, pure and always the same, gently prompting us on.     What's  Juanita's Rules for Being a Perfect Parent? It's plain and simple. Love them.  Show them your love and God's love. And, number two…. Enjoy!--even through the temper tantrums, diaper changes, the "Why's" and the "Why Nots." 

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By Juanita Coy 

​   Let me challenge you to place a blindfold over your eyes and take a few steps forward.. Betteryet, take a walk outside. Usually the idea is to turn you around and around and then let you go on your own. Your thoughts probably are: Do you turn to the right or the left, or walk sideways? Is it easy to lose your balance? Where is the wall? Will I hit my head or fall down the steps and make a fool out of myself, Who’s looking?   A few months ago I found the above picture in our Sunday School quarterly and it really reached out to me. When I called to ask permission to use it, I was told of Linda, the lady in the picture, and her journey through faith and trust in the Lord as she and her family faced cancer. Since I heard of Linda’s faith, this picture has inspired me again to keep my trust in God. She and her family are in  my prayers.    Even though I was raised in a wonderful Christian family with my father encouraging me to have faith, I have struggled at times to maintain my trust,  my total trust. I believe that  you  can say easily that you have trusted in God -but until you are face to face with trials whether  physical, financial,  spiritual  or emotional,  you  are unable   to  comprehend that trust and the goal to achieve it.  It's a whole new ballgame.  Since I was diagnosed one year ago with Multiple Sclerosis I have had many ups and downs.He continues to lead me into paths that I have to have him to lead me, for I cannot find my way alone.  Just as my children had faith in me when they were born to feed them and provide for them, my Heavenly Father wants me  to depend on Him to provide for me. Remember how we would continue to challenge our children to walk not crawl?  We know that it's best  for them, they cannot crawl their way through life! We know that they are going to have some falls as they learn, but we will be there for them to encourage them and lift them up when they do fall.     God is like that too for us. Sometimes it seems I am crawling.  We have to, minute by minute, day by day, look and rest in him It is easier to tell that to someone, if your life is sailing smoothly - We have no idea what others are going through -  But God does!       For me, it is my TOTAL faith that he wants. He wants me to stop trying to fix things myself. He wants me to Let Go and Let God Do it!!! Let God be God! But, Wow, what a challenge it has been for me, and STILL is!!!