Seventh Trumpet Publication

Non-Sectarian in Spirit

Non-Denominational in Character






​​Who are we? We are a Bible-based ministry that was begun 76 years ago by Rev. G. W. Pendleton. We are not "a" Church, neither do we have a building, only a printing ministry to reach out, now to the world to spread the Gospel. The publication is called the Seventh Trumpet because we are living in the Seventh Trumpet age. Jesus Christ is coming back soon to gather his bride, "THE CHURCH" - The Church that Jesus Christ built for all believers in Him. "I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matt. 16:18. If you are born again, you are my brother and sister, and you are a part of this same church. We do not have a following; we are only followers of Jesus Christ.

 So, why is this work still going? We can only say that God has been involved in it through the years and  has provided for it financially on a free-will offering basis, sometimes on a very limited budget, but all for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a non-profit organization. We solely rely on our readers support to get THE WORD out. As long as He provides we will continue. My father felt very much led to begin this ministry many years ago and he, along with my mother prayed as they went to be with the Lord that the message would continue. We are so truly thankful to those who have supported this work through the years and continue to write and keep in touch with us.

​​In Memory of G.W. & Martha Pendleton  ​and the Legacy, they have left behind.

From the Editor:

   My name is Juanita Coy. My family and I publish 'The Seventh Trumpet' Paper bi-monthly now through this website. My parents, G.W. & Martha Pendleton wrote, printed, published and traveled sharing the Word of God to many. We are praying that God will enable us to carry on the torch. Please pray for us! Below is a picture of Jack and I (2019.)